The Old Captain’s Smile

Kotor, Perast & Our Lady of the Rocks Tour

Join us on this tour that will fulfill your soul and your senses.
Images of crystal blue water reflecting the steep rocky mountains surrounding the bay, local fishermen picking fresh mussels from their farms; seagulls resting on the roofs of old stone houses that once belonged to local millers and captain families, will be deeply imprinted in your heart, like to all of us to whom the Bay of Kotor means life.

Mrs. Zora’s Yummy Oysters

Private Tour of Family Owed Oyster Farm, Our Lady of the Rock, Porto Montenegro Marina & Kotor

This tour is for true hedonists! Everything is there, crystal blue water, wind in the hair, handsome skipper, lots of flavors, colors and scents of our beautiful country!

Boka Wine Tasting

Perast, Verige, Savina winery & Monastery, Herceg Novi Town & Kotor w/ its Old Winery Private Tour

Let us take you on this experience during your time in Kotor that’s inspired by what we do with friends and family, when they come to visit us!

Say Hello To Budva

Kotor, Budva & St Stefan w/ Your Private Guide

Let us tell you the story of the city that witnessed ancient empires, local tribes and pirates, as well as modern trends that put Budvaon the map of world famous tourist destinations.

Speed Boat Adventure

 Kotor / Perast w/ Islands / Yugoslav-Era Submarine Caves / Blue Cave / Rose Village Tour

As we discover hidden corners of the bay, such as a Yugoslav-era submarine tunnel, lagoons, beautiful fortresses and islands on the way, we’ll hit the Blue Cave and jump in its turquoise water for a nice swim! We’re sure you’ll love it!

Olives & Donkeys

Kotor & Tici village – Lustica Peninsula Private Tour

Have you ever been introduced to the production of olive oil in a traditional and modern way? This is the right opportunity for you, with which you will be able to taste the finest olive oil that our dear Moric family diligently produces with a lot of love and attention.

Historical ZigZag Tour

Kotor, Budva, Cetinje & Njegusi village & Serpentines w / Your Private Guide

Let’s discover the scenic drive along the windy road that looks like a cardiogram of an extremely nervous person, carved into the stone wall!

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