Kotor, Perast & Our Lady of the Rocks Tour

Join us on this tour that will full fill your soul and your senses.
Images of crystal blue water reflecting the steep rocky mountains surrounding the bay, local fishermen picking fresh mussels from their farms; seagulls resting on the roofs of old stone houses that once belonged to local millers and captain families, will be deeply imprinted in your hearts, like to all of us to whom the Bay of Kotor means life.

You will forget about every-day life as soon as you step into the city of Perast, which will enchant you with its unique architecture, atmosphere and story. What we definitely want to show you is one of the two islands that adorn this unique city – the man made island of Our Lady of the Rocks and its church. This is not just one of the many churches you have already visited in Europe. This church tells of the lives of local people who have woven their soul into the every detail you will see here.

Last, but not least… there is the magnificent Kotor, a beautiful UNESO’s medieval town that you’ll adore!

**Speed boat option available! 


Type: Culture, Historic, Museums, Nature, Vehicle, Boat, Walking (Swimming)

Time: 4.5 Hours